Spartan 151 returns for Winter Mooring in 2013

The Spartan 151 Jack-up Rig arrived earlier than expected this year for its third year of winter moorage in Port Graham.  The 151 was towed into Port Graham in early October another winter season at the Port Graham Corporation dock. Many of the 151 crew felt like they were “coming home” when they arrived. The Community extended a welcome home to the 151 as well. Alice Anahonak, General Store Manager was greeted with a warm welcome by crew members.

The 151 has found winter moorage in Port Graham since 2011, where the ice free, calm waters provide an ideal location for winter moorage and maintenance work on the rig. The short tow from the summer drill locations offers a cost savings and extended season for the rig and exploration company, Furie Operating in Alaska. The seasonal moorage offers continued employment for Port Graham residents as they provide Utility support for the winter maintenance effort.

In addition to the Spartan 151, Buccaneer Energy Ltd., jack-up rig, “Spirit of Endeavor”, arrived in Port Graham for safe moorage needed for an ABS inspection.  The Endeavor, partially funded by the Alaska Industrial Development Authority, spent last winter moored in Homer.  The Endeavor needed an ice free safe harbor and clear water for its inspections and working with Port Graham Corporation secured a moorage location near the log transfer facility (LTF) for its winter location.  Through community meetings and outreach Buccaneer extended itself to address questions and concerns by local residents.  A shared service agreement was put in place to provide assistance and oversight requested by Port Graham residents.