Spartan 151 returns for Winter Mooring in 2013


The Spartan 151 Jack-up Rig arrived earlier than expected this year for its third year of winter moorage in Port Graham.  The 151 was towed into Port Graham in early October another winter season at the Port Graham Corporation dock. Many of the 151 crew felt like they were “coming home” when they arrived. The […]

PGDC 2014 Update


Port Graham Development Corporation (PGDC) is entering its fourth year as a graduated ANC 8(a) firm and is still providing engineering, integration and implementation services, primarily to the US Government.  Work today has a strong focus on Border Security providing communications, surveillance, and operational support to agencies within the Department of Homeland Security and the […]

Tale of Two Rigs: Cook Inlet Jack-Up Rig Briefing


“Tale of Two Rigs: Cook Inlet Jack-Up Rig Briefing” Article written by Mike Bradner, Alaska Business Monthly March 1, 2013 Geologists have long believed Cook Inlet to be an underexplored. Hydrocarbon basin, Alaska’s first commercial oil field in modern times was discovered at Swanson River an onshore oilfield on the Kenai Peninsula that is still […]

Furie prepares to drill, jack-up rig back on location in Cook Inlet

Sporting a new paint job, the Spartan 151 jack-up rig is back on location in Cook Inlet for the re-entry of an oil and gas well it began drilling last year in Furie Operating Alaska LLC’s Kitchen Lights unit, after being dry-docked for the winter at Port Graham on the Kenai Peninsula. Prior to suspending […]