Board of Directors


Port Graham Corporation Board of Directors and Executive Management
from left to right:
Back Row: James LaBelle, JR., Treasurer; Elmer Moonin, COO; Walter Meganack, JR., Chairman of the Board;
Jon Shepherd, President & CEO
Front Row: Helen Loescher, Director; Diane Selanoff, Vice-Chairman; Laura McMullen, Secretary

Board of Director Bios

  • Walter Meganack


    Walter currently holds the office of Chairman of the Board for Port Graham Corporation. He has been the chair for over 15 years and on the board for 20 years. In addition to the PGC Board he has served on the Port Graham Village Council for many years. Walter has worked closely with the staff to develop and grow the Port Graham Corporation family of companies.

  • Diane Selanoff

    Vice Chair

    Mrs. Selanoff currently holds the position of Vice President of The Port Graham Corporation. She also acts as Chair of Port Graham Government Solutions and Vice Chair of Paluwik Heritage Foundation. Mrs. Selanoff has served on the board of Directors for the past 11 years. Mrs. Selanoff was born and raised in The Native Village of Port Graham, for the past 22 years she has resided Valdez where she works for TCC, LLC an Oil Spill Response and Maintenance Organization. She continues to practice traditional subsistence gathering and processing and remains active in the Chugach region as a subsistence teacher for the youth and within her church.

  • James LaBelle, Jr.


    James LaBelle JR currently serves as the Treasurer for the Port Graham Corporation. He has served on the Board of Directors since 1998. In addition to PGC, he has served on various boards in his community. Mr. LaBelle has worked in child welfare, social services, and with nonprofits in Alaska. He is married to Rhonda LaBelle, children are Cody, Anthony, Suzanne, raised his family mainly in Anchorage. His vision is to not only be financially successful but to provide education, jobs, and other programs to allow improvement of our shareholder’s lives.

  • Laura McMullen


    Mrs. Laura McMullen currently holds the position of secretary of Port Graham Corporation, as well as on the Paluwik Heritage Foundation board. She has served our shareholders for four years. Mrs. McMullen was born in Homer, and raised in Port Graham. She has raised five children in Port Graham and Sterling Alaska. She takes great pride and pleasure in raising a successful family that is rooted in a subsistence lifestyle while enabling western education.

  • Helen Loescher


    Ms. Helen Loescher was born in Port Graham and currently is a Director on the Port Graham Corporation Board, as well as on Board of Paluwik Heritage Foundation. She has been on the Board for over 10 years.
    She attended Fort Lewis College and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her parents are Thomas Young SR and Marie Malchoff, she has eight sisters and four brothers. Ms. Loescher is the proud mother of two children and grandmother of three growing boys. While she is now retired, she has volunteered throughout Alaska for many nonprofits.