New Port Graham Dock Project

PGC and the Port Graham Tribal Council are joining efforts in creating a new dock that will cost $9.5 million dollars when completed. Our joint efforts are focused on getting the State of Alaska to put it in the their 2015 budget.

The Spartan 151 jack up rig sits at the dock in Port Graham. It provides local jobs, generates revenue in the community and creates economic opportunities.

A new dock will provide safe moorage for drilling rigs in Cook Inlet. It will be a catalyst for economic diversification and development and will:

• Provide cost savings and efficiencies by increasing marine cargo with barge services and decreasing air cargo.
• Ensure efficient and less costly fuel deliveries in the future. Without a new dock fueling system, fuel deliveries in the future will be by air at huge expense.
• Support the oil and gas industry with services to existing and additional jack up rigs and will receive increased moorage revenue. Jobs for local casual and skilled laborers exist with each jack up rig.
• Enhance emergency spill response in Lower Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound.
• Increase the likelihood of a company leasing the remodeled cannery facility generating jobs and revenue. The Cannery was remodeled in 1999. It has not been in use since 2000 because the condition of the dock.
• Support the commercial fishing fleet by providing safer moorage and on-loading/ offloading capability.
• Support subsistence fishing families by providing safer loading capability.
• Reduce damage during storm events to the commercial and local fleets.
• Encourage the development of the tourism industry especially with small recreational boaters.
• Support a stop in Port Graham by the Alaska Marine Highway System
• Increase fuel sales by recreational boaters who presently must return to Homer before reaching Port Graham to conserve fuel for the return trip.